In this article we will talk about Forest Guard, so let us know what is Forest Guard. The best and most beautiful part of any country or its state is the beauty of its nature. But today man is cutting forests like natural resources for his selfishness and self-respect.

Forest Guard or Forest Guard is a class III non-gazetted employee of any State Forest Department. You too can make your dream come true with a little hard work by becoming a forest guard. You love nature and you want to do something to protect it. So the job of forest guard organized by the state government will be valid for you. And in this job, most of your time will be spent among nature lover forests. According to which you will come closer to nature.

In every state of India, forest guards are recruited for the safety of the forests there. The work of the forest guard is necessary to keep the animals and the animals present in the forests without fear and to solve all kinds of disturbances that come there. Must have passed 12th only. Isn’t it a good thing? Work is also of interest and reading is not too much. Want to get information that when Forest Guard Vacancy or Forest Guard Recruitment comes, all the information will be given to you in this important article of ours, then you must read this article till the end.

What is Forest Guard?

What Should I Do To Become a forest Guard

You also call Forest Guard in another language as Forest Rangers. Forest guard means forest guard The job of forest guards is to protect in the forests. Forest guards protect the entire forest. And the forest department helps him completely in saving the entire forest from logging. If a person damages trees in the forest or cuts down trees, then it is the job of the forest guard to stop him.

And because of this, the disease is also increasing and the biggest problem is that all the animals of the forests are facing a lot of problems in living because if there are trees in the forests, then the animals are safe under them in the sun. If the trees are cut down, then how are the creatures safe on their own Will keep

Due to the increasing development and population, trees and plants are being cut in our country, houses are being built there, you must have seen that all the trees and plants are decreasing and because of this, now the living beings have to live. There is no safe place left for For this reason, the Forest Department has been created by the Government to save the forests, to protect the trees and plants and animals. And the constable working in the same departments is known as Forest Guard

how to become a forest guard

If people have love for the forests and you want to protect the trees and plants, then you can also become a forest guard and take care of the trees or plants in the forest. Yes, but to become a forest guard, you should have some qualifications and abilities, about which its qualifications are being told to you below.

Some Qualifications for Forest Guard

The Forest Department candidate has to clear the Intermediate exam. After passing the Intermediate Exam, students will have to apply for Forest Guard Recruitment. If you love trees and plants very much from the forests and you want to protect all those trees and plants, then by becoming a capable forest guard, you can take care of the trees and plants in the forests, when the forest guard is recruited and all its information. You can get it from the website of the Forest Department.

age limit for Forest Guard

The age of the Forest Guard candidate should be between 18 years to 28 years. And let us tell you that reserved category students are also given relaxation of a certain year.

Forest Guard Syllabus

Forest guard recruitment is organized by every state according to it. That is why the syllabus of the Forest Department exam can also vary from state to state. We have brought you important information about Forest Guard Syllabus which has been asked in many exams.

general english
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • One Word Substitution
  • fill in the blanks
  • direct and indirect speech
  • tens
general hindi
  • Antonyms
  • synonym words
  • change of sentence
  • idioms and phrases
  • direct and indirect
Common Sense
  • History of India and the world
  • Indian Constitution
  • Current Affairs National and International
  • Indian Geography
  • Indian Economy
  • average
  • Percent
  • profit loss
  • time and distance
  • Ratio and Proportion
general Science
  • environmental biology
  • chemistry
  • physical science
  • biology

Above, we have given you information about some topics of all the subjects asked in the Forest Guard paper, which are required in the Forest Guard Paper 2021.

written examination

To become a forest guard, the student has to pass the written exam of the forest department. The written examination of the Forest Department is conducted every year in the month of May or June. In this exam, 100 multiple choice questions are asked to the students. And to solve that paper, you are given 2 hours in the exam. The written examination of the Forest Guard Exam is divided into 4 parts which you will find as follows. Forest Guard The salary of a forest guard varies in different countries and in different states. For example, the salary of a forest guard in the state of Rajasthan in India ranges from Rs 5200 to Rs 20,000 every month and the grade pay is 1800.

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