The relation of students remains connected with books, but still students should read other inspirational books apart from the syllabus book. It has many benefits. So let’s know in detail about the useful books for the students. According to a study by University of Toronto psychologist Maja Djikic, ‘reading a book enhances our creativity’. That’s why we should read the book regularly

Although the book should be read by every person, but students get maximum benefit from reading good books. These books inspire and show their way to perform well in their student life also and they are very useful in real life also.

Gold Medalist from 1st Zero

5 Very Useful Books for Students

It is the dream of all the students to top the exam and get good marks. For this, they make various strategies, read a lot of books, and solve many sample papers. Still, very few people are able to top the exam or get good marks. The main reason behind all this, which does not allow them to be on top, is the right strategy. They put too much burden on themselves. Many hours go to coaching only,

Due to which not much time is available for self study. Many start reading books of the same author on the same subject, due to which they get confused. They do not revise what they have read properly, due to which they start forgetting the previous studies.

B. In this book of P. Singh, many tips have been given to become a topper, and these tips have not been given only on the basis of knowledge, but the author has given on the basis of his experience. How the students who failed in class XI became gold medalists in graduation.

In this book, the author has tried to explain through the examples of many successful people that how a person can achieve the biggest success by making the right strategy and working hard. In this the author has also presented his real time table, so that you will get some idea how to make your own time table.

your victory

Everyone wants to be successful, they try too, but very few people are able to succeed. There are many reasons for people to fail, the main reason is not knowing the right path. You can find the way to get success by reading the book written by successful people and follow them and become successful.

In this book, the author (Shiv Kheda) has given many success formulas from his years of experience and knowledge. It also contains some stories which makes this book even more interesting.

Shiv Kheda is a very famous writer. His 16 books have been published so far, of which ‘You Can Win’ is the most famous. This book (Jeet Aapki) is the Hindi translation of this.

time management

Time management is the biggest problem of the student. They have to do a lot of work like, read, write, play, jump, move around, do household chores. In the midst of all this, they are not able to adjust the time properly. If we give more time than necessary to some work, then we are not able to give time to any work which is necessary.

In this book by Dr. Sudhir Dixit, 30 principles of time management have been given. By using these principles, you will be able to manage your time better. After reading this book you will know where you are wasting your time and how to save it.

public behavior

Man is a social animal. Living in the society, a person wants to impress people with his personality. Wants to get others to agree. For all this, it is necessary that he has a good personality, he knows the right way to talk.

It is even more important for the student to have an attractive and good personality. His personality makes him different from other students. A good personality is most needed during the interview. There, even one wrong behavior of yours can stop you from getting selected.

In this book, the author tells how you can influence people by changing your behavior, adopting good manners, and talking in the right way. Can win their heart. In this book, the author has also described the research done by him, in which he has explained the role of his personality in the success of the person.

vitamin life

In this book, the author (Lalit Kumar) has narrated the journey of his whole life, how he faced different types of challenges since childhood and did not get scared of those challenges, but converted those challenges into opportunities with his hard work.

It has been told that just as many types of vitamins are needed for the smooth functioning of the body, in the same way the mind needs vitamins like hope, faith and courage to lead a good life. The mind needs these vitamins even more when we are faced with difficulties, challenges and disappointments.

When he was 4 years old, polio was killed in his feet. Due to being handicapped, he was also made fun of many times. He used to walk with the help of Vaishakhi. During his school days, when he received any award, his classmates would say that “I have got this award because it is lame”. Hearing this, Lalit Kumar was very sad. Despite all these difficulties, he achieved many successes with his perseverance and hard work.

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