In this age of technology, mobile craze is seen not only among adults but also among children. Nowadays, even one and a half year old children are easily seen playing games on the phone. Often the mother complains that her child is busy in the phone all day, he does not feel like studying. If your name is also included in the list of such mothers, then now you do not have to worry.

Rather the time has come for you to play a little smarter. If the child does not pay his attention to books, then you can easily teach many new things to the child through the phone itself. For this you have to include some apps in your phone. So, today we are telling you about some such educational apps, which will surely be of great use to the child

Khan Acedemy

5 Best Apps for Kids to Study

Khan Academy is a non profit website designed for both students and teachers. This App has more than 4,000 videos on topics like grammar, maths, politics, science, history, economics. You can stream it or download it from the site. In this app, along with videos, you can practice step by step, set bookmarks and test your own progress.


If your child is stuck somewhere in maths and you want a quick answer, then this app will help you in that. This is a kind of camera calculator. In this, you take the camera on any equation or problem of any maths and you will get the answer automatically.


This app is a good option if you want to accustom your child to multiple languages. With this app, kids can easily learn a wide variety of languages ​​including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish and even English. It is completely free to download and use and in-app purchases are kept optional. By spending some time daily in this app, children can learn many languages ​​of the world in a playful way.

Dragon Box

Usually children think of maths as a very difficult subject, but if you want to teach maths to your child in a fun and very interesting way, then Dragonbox is for you. This is an educational game series. The game won the 2016 Games for Change Award for ‘Best Learning Game’. With the help of this app, you can dance algebra and geometry at your fingertips.

spelling stage

Generally, while writing, children face the most problems in spelling. But this is an app that allows children to practice spelling in a very fun way. If you take a paid subscription to this app, then you can get a wide range of words according to the age of the child. After installing this app, you will not need to remember spellings for children.

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